Welcome to Central Park,

Central Park has three formal gardens; the two rose gardens behind what was Liscard Hall, and the Walled garden beside the Ranger’s Office at the end of the main drive.

Within the Walled Garden is Everyone’s Cafe. Garden tools and materials are available here for those who tend to the plant beds.

Alongside its extensive open areas and children’s playgrounds, Central Park caters for almost every major participants sport. Facilities are available for everything from soccer, to fishing, bowls, cricket and basketball. The Park Rangers also regularly organise children’s scavenger and treasure hunts. They hope to organise volleyball and cross-country events in the near future along with a football training grid.

The nature ponds at the end of Laburnum Walk are home for many frogs, toads and snails, while the water and insects attract Grey and Pied Wagtails amongst other birds.

Central Park lake is a popular haven for anglers. At the same time, Duck Island in the middle of the lake, is a favourite spot with Canada Geese, Mallard, Magpies and Moorhens from one season to the next.

More information about WPCP

Wallasey Central Park Partnership (WCPP) is an umbrella organisation for all the various user groups within the Park (for example Friends of the Park, Parkfield Liscard Cricket Club, Everyone’s Café, Love Lane Allotment Society and several others), in order to help preserve and develop the Park as a public open space; to organise events within the Park and to provide a meeting ground for all persons interested in the Park.